TREBENE is the ancient tradition reignited for the modern world.
The journey begins in Kashmir with the brushing of wool.
And the nimble movements of hands along the loom.

The hands that weave.
These are not the cogs of a machine.
They are not pulleys or levers or a tangle of wires.
They are the hands of Saerve, Haaje, Rajeb and Haeble,
The keepers of ancient tradition,
the makers of magical stories.

The art of weaving is a rite of passage,
Passed from the hands of the old to the hands of the young,
From the heartland of Kashmir’s rolling hills are sparkling rivers
To cosmopolitan streets, sidewalk cafes and swanky runways.

TREBENE is from the weavers of threads to the wearers of shoes.
From the designers of dreams to the darlings of fashion.
From ancient craft to contemporary crossover.

It is from home to the world.
From Kashmir to you.


Each step of the journey is pure and authentic, detailed and delicate.


The art of weaving is a rite of passage. Woven by artisans using an ancient hand weaving technique passed on from generation to generation. Each scarf is screen printed by hand. Your scarf is one of its kind, not part of a mass production movement.




We painstakingly procure cashmere fibres from Kashmir, the birthplace of this luxury fabric. Only 0.1% of global cashmere production comes from Kashmir region, thus making your Trebene scarf highly exclusive.





The goats are raised by nomadic tribes in the majestic Himalayan mountains. The animals are well cared for as the culture is built on the ethos of looking after ‘the hand that feeds you’.

ethos-icons_ethical-tradeETHICAL TRADE

All the steps of the production process involve fair wages and safe working conditions.
The label invests a portion of its revenue into weaving communities in Kashmir.



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